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I cannot see my latest local changes

By default, the command builds the documentation that is available on GitHub (remote repository).

To build multiversion docs for the local branches:

  1. In conf.py, set smv_remote_whitelist to None:

smv_remote_whitelist = None
  1. Follow Syncing a Fork for every branch not updated in your fork.

  2. Run make multiversionpreview again.

I want to preview the documentation published in production

  1. Follow these steps to configure a remote that points to the upstream repository in Git.

  2. Download the latest tags and branches from upstream:

git fetch --all
  1. Edit the setting smv_remote_whitelist in the file conf.py to build the docs from upstream as follows:

smv_remote_whitelist = r"^upstream$"
  1. Run the command make multiversionpreview again.

No matching refs found!

If the console raises the error “No matching refs found!”, most likely your fork is not updated with the upstream repository.

In this case, you can:

Another frequent mistake that raises the error message is to have typos in the configuration file. Make sure that the version names listed in TAGS and BRANCHES settings from conf.py match the repository’s branch and tags names on Git.