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Example Topic

Heading Hierarchy


Use the following


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Panel Box

used on the index pages

.. panel-box::
   :title: Admin
   :id: "getting-started"
   :class: my-panel

Creating Tabs


.. tabs::

   .. group-tab:: CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16.04/18.04, Debian 8/9

      .. code-block:: shell

         sudo systemctl stop scylla-server

   .. group-tab:: Ubuntu 14.04, Debian 7

      .. code-block:: shell

         sudo service scylla-server stop

   .. group-tab:: Docker

      .. code-block:: shell

         docker exec -it some-scylla supervisorctl stop scylla

      (without stopping *some-scylla* container)

Results in

sudo systemctl stop scylla-server
sudo service scylla-server stop
docker exec -it some-scylla supervisorctl stop scylla

(without stopping some-scylla container)

Glossary and Abbreviations

Inline abbreviation. The word in parenthesis is shown when you hover over the abbreviation.

:abbr:`LIFO (last-in, first-out)`.
:abbr:`Overwrite (Same data cells overwritten many times)`

Inline Glossary term definition. Links to the glossary page.

:term:`term <Link in Glossary>`
:term:`Size-tiered Compaction Strategy (STCS)<Size-tiered Compaction Strategy>`


use the following syntax:

.. image:: ../static/img/vertigto.jpg
   :width: 200pt


header name

header name

header name

body text

body text

body text

Versioning in Scylla

version add directives should be used when introducing or deprecating a feature inline directive

.. versionadded:: version

.. versionchanged:: version

.. deprecared:: version

When using, these directives a blank line must follows

New in version 1.1: Scylla Manager

Changed in version 2018.1: Scylla Enterprise

Deprecated since version 2.0: Scylla Open Source



.. note:: text follows here

.. caution:: look out

.. warning:: take care

.. tip:: here's a tip

results in


text follows here


look out


take care


here’s a tip

Frequently used Includes

.. include:: /rst_include/scylla-commands-stop-index.rst

.. include:: /rst_include/scylla-commands-start-index.rst

.. include:: /rst_include/scylla-commands-restart-index.rst