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1. Copy the docs and .github directories from the repository scylladb/sphinx-scylladb-theme to the project root directory where you want to setup docs. The directory structure should look like this:

   ├── pyproject.toml
   ├── .github/workflows/pages.yml
   ├── docs/
   │   ├── _utils/
   │   |   ├──
   │   |   ├──
   │   |   ├──
   │   ├── source/
   │   ├── Makefile


If you already have docs in the project under an existing docs directory, move the doc files to the docs/source directory.

  1. Create the file docs/pyproject.toml under the new docs folder. Copy the contents from the pyproject.toml template.

  2. Edit the project’s file to suit the project needs (e.g. install new extensions, edit navigation links, …). For more information about the most common configurable settings, refer to Configuration.

  3. If you don’t already have a .gitignore file in the project, place one in the root directory and include /docs/_build and /source/.doctrees in it. If you already have a .gitignore file, add both paths to the file.