Sphinx ScyllaDB Theme 1.0 is now released 🥳
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Here are some basic concepts you should know before adding the doc toolchain to a project.

Markup language

Most docs are written in RestructuredText. RestructuredText is a file format for textual data used primarily for technical documentation.

Alternatively, you can also use MarkDown to create content pages.

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The tool we used to converts restructuredText and Markdown to HTML. Sphinx also has directives and extensions to add additional options for formatting the text.

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Scylla Sphinx Theme

The theme all Scylla documentation projects share to have a common look and feel. It also adds a set of custom functionallities available to make them available to all projects.

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Multiversion Extension

The extension Scylla docs use to build docs for different versions.

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Hosts the code and docs source files of Scylla’s proejcts.

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GitHub Pages

Hosts the HTML version of the docs generated by Sphinx.

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GitHub Actions

Builds and deploys the documentation to GitHub Pages every time there is new content. All the repositories deploy the documentation automatically except the repository scylla-docs, which is deployed manually.

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